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Right-Handed Curved Spoon Twin-Pack
$ 14.99

Parenting is hard. Mealtime shouldn't be.

We give you the tools & strategies you need to stop stressing and start connecting with your kids at dinner.

curved baby and toddler spoon for self-feeding in blue
Kids who can feed themselves are less likely to overeat or become picky eaters.

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"Thank you so much for giving my daughter independence. She constantly wants to feed herself and now she can!" - Meghan D

" I do it!"

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curved toddler spoon promote self-feeding and nudge plate for picky eating
The average number of times a child needs to see, touch, and taste a new food before liking it:

15 times!

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Separate but not divided. Toddler plates & bowls provide a place for kids to explore, discover, and taste new foods without pressure or expectation.

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