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Guides + Expert Advice

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Tackle Picky Eating

Why download: "Picky Eating" is a very real thing. But it's not a permanent state of being and like any other behavior, it CAN be changed.

What's in it: 10 strategies you can use right now to tackle your toddler's picky eating. (Maybe even your teenager and husband's picky eating as well!)

(20 minute read)

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Spot the Sugar

Why download: Sugar comes in many forms - natural and artifical - but it's not always easy to spot. And nutritional claims like "no added sugar" don't always mean "no sugar". But spotting sugar is easier with this cheat sheet.

What is it: A one-page printable with more than 70 different names sugar.

(5 minute read)

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3 Simple Strategies for Easier Mealtimes

Why download: Mealtime is challenging enough. With these 3 Simple strategies, you can have a variety of meals prepped and on the table in no time!

What's in it: 3 simple and versatile menu ideas (+ recipes with links) that can be applied to suit your own family's needs.

(7 minute read)

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Getting Started with the Nudge

Why download: Kizingo’s Nudge Plate & Bowl helps your kids practice tasting new foods. Tasting new foods should occur daily, but parents don’t always remember to do this!

What's in it: 3 simple steps to using Kizingo's Nudge Plate and Bowl.

(10 minute read. 5 if you just read one!)

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Eat More Plants

Why Watch: Because these two experts explain differences in recent dietary fads and give you the skinny on who is more likely to stick to them. {Spoiler: it's not who you think!}

What is it: Recording of a webinar delivered for Produce for a Better Health Foundation, with slides.

(40-ish minute watch)

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So Many Spoons

Why download: Because a search for "toddler spoon" turns up too many options and you're not sure which is right for your babe.

What is it: A 5 question quiz that will help you determine which spoon might be best for your little one, a description of the various spoons out there, and links for where to buy them.

(15 minute read)

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Variety: the Spice of Life

Why download: Eating a variety of food has been linked with better health, and when your kids are used to trying new foods dinner becomes easier and more fun!

What's in it: 5 simple tried and true strategies to help your family eat a variety of foods.

(20 minute read. 10 if you just read the bullet points!)

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100 terms to describe foods

Build Your Vocabulary

Why download: Because giving your kids language they can use to describe foods, helps them identify what they do - and do not - like.  And that means you don't have to settle for "I don't like it" because they can tell you more!

What is it: A one-page printable with more than 100 words you can use to describe foods.

(5 minute read)

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Guide to Baby Led Weaning with Printable Recipes

What is BLW?

Why download: Because kids want to feed themselves - and they tend to be a little healthier when they do!

What's in it: A guide to the "what" and "why" of baby-led-weaning. Complete with recipes :)

(5 minute read + recipes)

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Starting Solids

Why download: Because starting solid foods can be fun for both you and your little one ... but it can also be stressful. We want to give you all the confidence you need to enjoy the process.

What's in it: Description of the 4 signs you should look for if you think your little one might be ready for solid foods.

(15 minute read)

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