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Toddler Plates

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Do your kids ever say ‘NO THANKS’ to new foods? Yeah… ours too. (Over and over and over.) In fact, research shows that kids need to be offered lots of different foods to develop healthy habits, and they need to taste new foods an average 15 times before they’ll admit they like it.

Kizingo’s Nudge Toddler Plates provide a visual reminder to parents to offer a small taste of something new, and a safe space for kids to explore it. Practice turning "ummm" ... into "Yum!"


Help your kids practice tasting new foods with every meal by putting a little taste of something new (or something that is not yet their favorite!) in the Nudge portion of their toddler plate.

Use the rest of the plate for their favorite foods - those they love and those they are learning to like. By providing a small taste of something new with each meal, your little one can practice tasting, smelling, and touching unfamiliar foods without the pressure of needing to eat the whole thing. And dad and mom will feel less guilty about throwing away a whole meal.


  • 100% designed in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fully stackable toddler plates
  • Tasting space encourages practice with new foods
  • BPA-Phthalate-PVC-free
  • FDA-approved plastic
  • Encourages regular practice tasting new foods
  • Plates will not help your kids learn to do the dishes (wink, wink)


Curved Toddler Spoons

This spoon is designed to work with the way children hold utensils - with their whole fist, palm down - making it easer for them to successfully feed themselves. 

kizingo's curved baby and toddler spoon makes self-feeding easier

Nudge Plate & Bowl

Kids need to try a food 15 times (or more!) before it becomes something they admit they like. The Nudge helps remind parents to give their kids practice tasting new foods with each meal. Kids know their favorite foods fill most of the plate, but that a small taste of something new is expected. Providing a safe place for new foods, means that exploring them is less scary. Plus, there's less waste, which is a win-win in our book!

Kizingo's nudge plates help picky eaters practice tasting new foods


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