25+ Breakfast Recipes You Can Make Ahead of Time
table set with a bowl of granola

25+ Breakfast Recipes You Can Make Ahead of Time

25+ Breakfast Recipes You Can Make Ahead of Time

I am not really a morning person. I want to be - the quiet morning hours are so precious and full of possibility - but if left to my own circadian rhythms I would stay snuggled in my bed until well past sunrise. 

But I have a dog who needs her morning walk (like clockwork) at 6 am and three kids for whom we are still packing school lunches and don't have a bus to school. Which means I need to be up and at 'em when I'm still a little sleepy-eyed.

On days like this (yes, if you're paying attention that is most days), I'm so glad for breakfast recipes that you can easily make ahead of time. Make-ahead breakfasts help keep our morning humming along a little more smoothly and mea there are tasty breakfast options within reach (which my kids appreciate), and they reduce the demands on my time (which I appreciate).

I don't mean to suggest that I always have these on hand. To be fair, most mornings my kids are eating Cheerios or avocado toast, but knowing that I *could* make these and have them on hand is wonderfully reassuring.  

With that said, these make-ahead breakfasts like baked French toastquiche, or  scones *are* always on hand when we have company - because who wants to cook for a crowd when you're not a morning person?!

table set with bowl of yogurt

Egg Dishes

1. Mini quiches made in muffin tins make great finger food.

2. Bacon, cheese, and spinach quiche (other flavor combos would also work!) 

3. A freezer quiche will make getting breakfast on the table even easier.

4. Breakfast sliders are sure to please.

5. Breakfast egg bakes can be eaten reheated or cold!

strips of egg tortilla on a plate

Biscuits and Scones

6. Herbs + butter = delicious morning scones. Here, it's rosemary + parmesan

7. Sausage and cheese biscuits. YUM.

8. Savory scones with cheese, meat, and a little bit of green :) 

9. This flexible scone recipe can be adjusted to your family's taste.

10. You can feel good about serving this one. It has apple. 

Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast

11. Fluffy buttermilk waffles will start your day off right. 

12. Tips for freezing your waffles will help you make the most of those leftovers.

13. Make this French toast bake the night before, bake the next morning.

14. Here is a fun twist on French toast ... turn it into a casserole.

15. This French toast casserole is from Ina Garten, so you know it'll be good! 

16. Need a gluten-free recipe, we have that too.

girl sitting at table eating pancakes for breakfast


17. This cinnamon roll board would slay any morning.

18. Never say no to a bagel board

19. This version has more sweet options, if you're into that kind of thing.

20. This general breakfast board has a little of everything.

21. I don't recommend this one - filled with donuts - if you're sending your kids to school.

Overnight Oats

22. This overnight oat recipe comes out in handy bars - great for breakfasts that may need to be eaten on the go!

23. These are made in muffin tins (also handy for handheld eating).

24. This version has chocolate and peanut butter. My favorite combo!

25. Might as well feel like you're eating pie in the morning - especially blueberry pie.

26. Vanilla cold-brew overnight oats? Yes please.

27. Here's a good general How-To in case you aren't sure where to start.