Kizingo EATS: Roasted Broccoli
Kizingo EATS: Roasted Broccoli

Kizingo EATS: Roasted Broccoli

Kizingo EATS: Roasted Broccoli

Have you heard the statistic that kids need to try a food something like sixteen zillion times before they will actually want to eat it? (OK, it's more like 15-20, but sometimes 15-20 feels an awful lot like sixteen zillion, am I right?) 

It's true that kids need to be introduced to a food many times before it becomes a regular part of their diet, and because of this getting them to try new things canfeel daunting. Once you've gotten over that 15 tries hump, who wants to start back at square one with a new food?

This is often true for vegetables, which tend to be the more problematic foods for young tasters. (This is in part because many vegetables are more bitter, especially compared to fatty, salty, or sugary foods, and this is a flavor that little taste buds don't particularly like. Yet.) When you son only just started eating carrots, why would you want to take those away to try to convince him to eat broccoli? 

I hear you. And I'm going to argue that instead of just sticking with the carrots, try giving your vegetables a rebrand. And a new cooking routine. 

I am going to argue that you need to start burning your vegetables - just a little.  Roasting vegetables - and getting some beautiful brown (or even black) bits on them - brings out their natural sweetness, which tends to make them a little more palatable for kids. In our house, the favorite is broccoli. When tossed with some olive oil and a little salt and cooked in a 475 degree oven until the crowns are crispy and black, a head of broccoli will disappear in no time.

In addition to being extremely simple (and forgiving!), this method can be used to prepare most any vegetable and the results are the same.

I can't promise that your reluctant eater will gobble it up the first time they see it, but you might! And with a few more exposures, your little one will to.   

Happy eating,


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