Our 15 Favorite Dip & Sauce Recipes
Salmon with Beurre Blanc Sauce

Our 15 Favorite Dip & Sauce Recipes

Our 15 Favorite Dip & Sauce Recipes

Dips are commonly used by Feeding and Occupational Therapists because they help even the pickiest eater explore new flavors, foods, and textures. Similarly sauces - which, let's be honest, are basically a thinner form of a dip - can also be used to easily and quickly add new flavors to simple meals. 

Below are 15 of our favorite dip and sauce recipes that will get you through any meal. 

Dips for a Savory Breakfast

Maple syrup as a dip for French Toast or Waffle strips or yogurt as a dip for big chunks of granola are obvious breakfast choices, but savory dips can also be used at breakfast for a less-sweet start to the morning.

  • Tzatziki sauce (@loveandlemons is one of our favorite) is a nice alternative to a bowl of sweet yogurt in the morning. Serve with warm pita or fresh crunchy vegetables for a savory start to your morning. Tzatziki is also good served with an omelet (or served atop scrambled eggs).
  • ​Similarly, hummus (here's where we turn to Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi) with bread and/or veggies can make a nice savory breakfast alternative.  
Tzatziki sauce

Drizzle on the Sauces at Dinner (or Lunch)

Dinner is one of the times when sauces can really shine. They bring such versatility to otherwise simple (aka. easy to make) dishes. Simple roast chicken, baked fish, or bowl of roasted veggies and rice are instantaneously elevated with the addition of one of these:

  • Pesto makes any meal feel fancier. Classic recipes are made with basil (lots and lots of basil), but there are fantastic alternatives made with everything ranging from mint + lime to spicy arugula
  • Peanut sauce will immediately transform your dish into a Thai-inspired meal, especially when paired with a Cucumber & Mango Salsa
  • Beurre Blanc - or Butter Sauce - is a classic French sauce that will add richness to anything because it's made with the best ingredient ever: BUTTER.

Dessert Dip Tips

(Try saying that three times fast!) Serving dips at dessert is a no-brainer. Anything you can make into a delicious dessert, can just as easily be turned into a dip. Think about it: 
Cinnamon & Sugar donuts dipped in cream cheese